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Dear Friends:

For WomenSpirit, 2019 marks 24 years in business. In 1994, Ellen Oak, a close friend, composer, liturgist, and choir director asked Patty Fitzpatrick, founder of WomenSpirit, to make her a costume for a one-woman show she was doing about Hildegard of Bingen. The costume prompted laudatory comments from several women ministers, who told Ellen they would like to have robes designed for women. Ready to get back in the work force after two children began going to school, Patty began researching the women’s vestment market and soon concluded that an opportunity had presented itself. The fruit of that 1994 seed is an enduring business that has created wonderful vestments for you…and good jobs for our staff.

WomenSpirit Staff

For those who are just finding us, welcome! Our pledge is to provide you with striking, well-made robes, clergy shirts, vestments and other garments and to keep you coming back to WomenSpirit for years to come. We are proud of our products, and we stand behind them completely. We do not negotiate customer satisfaction; we guarantee it.

Since our modest start on the third floor of Patty's home, we have grown considerably. Since 2000, we have operated in a one-story building in North Kansas City, just outside downtown Kansas City, Missouri. We design all of our garments, and all are made in the United States. Most are made and finished at our workshop.

We remain a small company with a diverse and tightly knit group of employees, each of whom brings a strong dedication to the company and its mission. We have between 8 and 12 associates, all women. The larger number work during our peak time of the year, April to August. Our longest tenured associate is Shirley Stephens, a seamstress, who has been with us 17 years. Ann Suarez, has been here 119 years. We are grateful for their continuing dedication and hard work, which help keep us moving forward.

Patty and Ann

We made a big leap in 2010 and started a related company called Abiding Spirit. It is our fraternal branch, with well-designed robes and vestments for men. Please refer your male colleagues to it at abidingspirit.com.

Our robes have three essential components: high quality, innovative design and great fit. Our garments, we believe, help you project your special gifts and talents while performing your job.

Please keep your suggestions and comments coming. You can e-mail us from our contact page or click here: customerservice@womenspirit.com.

Thanks you for interest and patronage!

The WomenSpirit Staff