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Environmental Stewardship

In order to be environmentally responsible, we are taking several initiatives. We are not sending our entire catalog regularly to our mailing list. We are committed to using less of the world's resources. We can save trees, ink and waste going into landfills by not printing as many catalogs.

As new products are introduced, we will send out e-mail announcements. We will send monthly e-mails with notices of new products, sales, promotions, clearances, etc. Periodically we will mail postcards or brochures. We request your e-mail address to keep you up to date, and do not sell or share those, or any other customer information, with other companies or anyone else.

Within our company, we use recycled paper for our office paper and try to limit our printing. We use the both sides of paper. We reuse boxes for shipping that are returned to us. We recycle office paper, cardboard, packaging, cutting department paper and everything else that we can recycle. We use a lot of plastic garment bags, but we reuse them continuously until they are unusable.

We are testing environmentally friendly fabrics, and hope to begin incorporating those into our product line in the near future.

Thank you for supporting us in our effort to be more environmentally responsible.